Sunday, 21 February 2010

Kom Kom Kom!

Girlband Timoteij sailed through to the final of Melodifestivalen last night with the fantastic Kom! The ethnic pop song works so much better than Sofia's fluke finalist Alla from last year did for so many reasons. It's instantly catchy, the girls are all stunning, the instruments add great effect to the presentation, particularly the accordion and it just feels like it's got winner written all over it, not just for Melodifestivalen but potentially for Eurovision as a whole as well. They will be joined in Globen by superstar Darin with the ballad Out Of My Life. It was surprising to see Darin qualify second in the voting after the unknowns Timoteij stormed straight to Globen by winning their semi, but I suppose this is credit to how accessible the song is. My favourite band of 2009, Alcazar, returned with Headlines. Maybe not as great as Stay The Night, the Release Me/Burning-esque hybrid was still easily the second best song in the semi and will thankfully get another chance in Andra Chansen in two weeks - here's hoping they can do what they did in 2003 and 2005 and qualify to the final from there (where they finished third both years!). It will be a massive radio hit either way and it's not like they're short of success in the competition. Rocky girl group Crucified Barbara also went to Andra Chansen, with Heaven Or Hell.

Timoteij are the first female act to reach the final and will be joined by the aformentioned Darin, the no hopers Ola and Andreas Johnson, who have great songs but will struggle to make a huge mark on the scoreboard, newcomer Eric Saade, who will probably finish around 4th or 5th, and then Salem Al Fakir, who arguably has the most enchanting, different and strongest song in the final with Keep On Walking, although maybe not as suited to Eurovision as Kom might be. At this moment in time, I'd say and hope that it's between Timoteij and Salem for Sweden 2010, but we still haven't heard from Peter Jöback, one of Sweden's biggest stars, who will take place in the final semi next week. He will almost certainly go straight to Globen with whatever he sends, but will the song be strong enough to overcome the excellent finalists that we already have?


  1. Completely agree! It's such a catchy song. I woke up this morning and I could still remember "Kom" whereas a lot of the other songs are a bit forgettable. Love your comments about "Keep On Walking". You might want to check out my fansite, Planet Salem, which is officially endorsed by the great man himself! It's at

  2. I will do so! Salem's fantastic, both of my favourite songs at the moment are by him. What do you think of Backseat?

  3. I am in love with this song, instantly catchy, the girls are adorable. The look on their faces when they won was worth watching the show alone.