Friday, 8 January 2010

So much Hassle just to reach the Radio 1 playlist!!!

Erik Hassle's mega Swedish hit single Hurtful, and by mega I mean #11 with a long chart run a la success akin to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours in the UK, has finally been added to the Radio 1 playlist in advance of its official release next month. The redheaded Swede set the internet alight last year with this gorgeous song which is bound to be played to death on commercial radio and used as X Factor backing music for year to come a la Daniel Merriweather - Red if everything falls properly into place. The version that Radio 1 have added to their playlist is the 'Starsmith edit' which, if the clip on Popjustice today is anything to go by, is barely any different to the glorious original thank god, merely adding a bit of production sparkle in places. It was a surprise to see Erik not included in any of the 'sound of 2010' etc...lists, maybe the people in the know are only expecting him to be a one hit wonder, but rather one hit than no hits because Hurtful is really far too good to not get the exposure it deserves. Owl City's Fireflies and Marina and the Diamonds' Hollywood are the big hyped songs of the moment with the most potential to next top the UK charts, but if there was any justice this would go straight to #1 upon its release. I just wonder if in light of its impending international success, Sweden will see the mistake they made by letting Hurtful have a low peak - as soon as With Every Heartbeat and Release Me became big UK hits, they mysteriously started going back up the Swedish charts too after intial minor success!!!

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